Upcoming art showcase in Toronto with RAW – Natural Born Artist.

I am so pleased to say for the first time ever my artwork will be showcased !!! I am super excited.

It will be with RAW on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 at 7:00pm. The show will be held at the Mod Club in downtown Toronto.

My Thousand Point Perspective artworks will be on display along side many other artists in varied fields of the arts. ( Visual Art, Fashion, Music, Film, Hair, Makeup, Photography, Performance art and accessories)

Tickets are only $20.00 and that get’s you to the Thursday show (the one I will be at) AND the Friday show !

You can buy tickets Here.

If you are interested in purchasing my original artwork or prints, or would just love to see other artists and be entertained for the night accompanied with food and drinks, please come by and show your support.

Again, I am just so excited. Really happy to be doing this and June is a few months away but I wish it was next weekend hahaha.

Looking forward to seeing everyone ! Don’t forget to buy a ticket for only $20.00  !



New Business cards !

I got new business cards in ! I love them. I got them printer over at Moo.com . I really like their offer because you can print more than 1 different kind of card in one order. So I ordered 50 business cards and have 7 different variations. I used all of my Thousand Point Perspective watercolor paintings of the iconic Toronto buildings. The quality is really nice and I love the way they feel. It’s a matte finish so that finger prints wouldn’t ruin the images. The colors are vibrant and the lines are nice and crisp. Very happy !


New postcard business idea, all is welcome !

Trying out something different. I am trying to pair myself up with other businesses that would be interested in selling their products with an added piece of art. In this example, a postcard with a painting of an ingredient found in the product.

Maybe if you buy a product, first ten come with a postcard. Maybe you can add some postcards to a raffle give away. Possibly sell them along side your own product to further engage your audience.

Cards are fully customization on the front and back. You can have logos and words added.

If you are interested, send me a message and we can discuss it!



Here is an old painting I just came across. Made it back in 2011. It’s crazy how much the skyline has changed in 6 years. And it’s still changing. I think it’s why I never get bored of painting the Toronto Skyline. It’s always changing.


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