New website address and taking traditional painting commissions !

New Website NameCommissions available

Hello Everyone !

First I updated my website address so no more wordpress in the name. Just straight . But if you still have wordpress in the name it will re-direct you to .

Second of all, I am open for taking traditional watercolor painting commissions in my style. If you would like me to make a painting for you, please send me an email at and I would be happy to get things started with you.

Good things to have ready if you want a commission :

What building(s) would you like in your piece ?

Do you have reference photos of said building(s) ? If it’s located in Toronto I will be able to go to location and take photos myself.

How big are you looking at this being ? I can do any size up to 36″ high by 48″ long.

What is your time line? Do you need it as soon as possible or in a few months ?

Keep in mind, I don’t just do condos or iconic buildings. I have painted peoples houses, stores they have owned, beach houses, structures that people are fond of, favorite parks, harbors, airports, and many more. No matter the building type, send me a message anyways and we can discuss it !

Contact email :

Instagram : @TyleensArt



Participation in my very first art show !

That was such a good experience. Wow what a time. I participated in my first art show on Thursday June 22nd, 2017, at the Mod Club in Toronto.

I went to the show at 4pm to get everything set up. I’m glad I went when I did because I had never set up a booth before so I had no real understanding of how long it was going to take me to set up. I was pretty good though at getting it all together since I had prepared everything at home before hand. The only thing I had to do was put the wire on the back of my frames, put the S hooks on the railing and then hang the paintings. After that I just had to set up my table and easel. I think it turned out rather well. Oh yes and lighting.

Group Photos 1

I am very grateful for my husband and my sister coming and helping me set up everything and be ready for the show. They helped me get it all together and stage it and bring things back and forth. And most of all support.

I don’t think I could thank all my friends and family who came out and supported me enough. It was so wonderful seeing them all there and knowing that they all believe in me and want to see me succeed. It’s empowering to know that even without them I would have been there still doing it, but it’s heart warming to know that I didn’t have to do it alone. I had all of them. It made me so happy to see each and every person. There was some people that bought tickets even though they knew they couldn’t go and the messages of support that people sent me all brought a smile to my face and boosted my confidence up. I was a little nervous but because of all of them I was able to push through my lack of nerves and floppy turning stomach hahaha.

IMG_6625 (1).PNG

The experience was really great. It really helped me understand what it was like to prepare myself for a show. Get everything ready. Plan out how I want to present myself. And I am really glad I was honest with myself about what to expect from this. I was very realistic and expected my prints to sell more than my original artwork on the basis that my originals cost more. I ended up selling all of my prints, a lot of my postcards and I also got some orders for some custom paintings. I felt like for the amount of people that attended I had a pretty high volume of foot traffic which was really nice.


One of the best parts was just talking and meeting people. I got to talk to so many different people. Customers, admirers, other artists and people who were just curious. I couldn’t stop talking the whole night. I felt kinda bad cause I wanted to give more time to every person that stopped by but sometimes I was talking to some people and then other people would come by. I did the best I could. Everyone was really great. I loved talking not just about my artwork but getting to know everyone and just talking about art in general.

I will never forget my first sale. It was to a woman who came to my booth, she was with a friend and she told me how much she loved my paintings; just everything about them, and she just really thought they were beautiful. I have little goose bumps typing this right now cause I remember that it just made me feel so real. Someone else, someone I didn’t know was in love with something I created with my two hands. Something that meant a lot to me and she loved it. She ended up buying a print of the St.Lawrence Market. I hope I never forget her. Thank you.

I had a great time. I am in love with getting out there into this crazy world with my art and I honestly am looking forward to my next show.

But right now, I am exhausted and I want a nap hahahaha.

Finished FlatIron Building Watercolour

Here is my finished watercolour painting of the FlatIron building located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. This building is also called Gooderham Building.

This building is located near my old neighborhood in the Old Town district. It is close to the St Lawrence Market and the Distillery District.

This painting had more focus on detail work. Instead of repeating patterns there was a lot of more unique areas of detail. The windows aren’t all the same and there is other areas of difference. It was very enjoyable and I liked the layout of the building more to the right and not in the center.

FlatIron Gooderham Painting Watercolour watercolor architecture toronto ontario canada canadain building

Trying Acrylics

The Bay painted in Acrylic. I love being able to translate my Thousand Point Perspective watercolours in other mediums. This was interesting because I don’t have the best relationship with Acrylics like I do with watercolours or oils. But it was fun and I enjoyed that the colors were very bold and strong. And it was fun painting on a larger canvas.

Acrylic painting abstract contemporary art traditional the bay toronto downtown architecture
The Bay painted in Acrylic

My very first Thousand Point Perspective paintings


In traditional throw back Thursday fashion, I was thinking about my past in the art world. I have these two little paintings to thank for my beginnings of  my Thousand Point Perspective style discovery.

I remember how I was looking online and I was just in love with urban sketching. Going on site and just breaking out all of your art supplies and painting or drawing. Artist after artist explained how much you learn from drawing not from a photograph. I already had a taste of this with life drawing but not with architecture. So I packed up some watercolour supplies and headed out to Yonge and Dundas square in downtown Toronto in 2012. I took everything out and just started drawing and painting. It was great. Committing to the lines in ink with no erasing, I felt more free. I wasn’t worried about making everything perfect like I would if I was at home in the safety of being indoors. It felt good to just put what I saw on paper. It wasn’t about being exact but more about what I was seeing. If you looked at these paintings and you know Yonge and Dundas square, you would recognize this area. It was a beautiful way to express what I saw. Needless to say I was in love with it.

The name Thousand Point Perspective actually came from me looking at my paintings after finishing them. I loved the way they looked but I couldn’t help but laugh in amusement that there is about 1,000 different lines of perspective in each painting. I still keep things more free and less restrictive in my paintings to this day, I believe it adds to the charm of the concept. It’s not always about being exact. I draw happily and focus on drawing free.

Urban sketching opened up a whole new world for me. I continued to make more pieces and I started to really flesh things out. I wanted to refine what I was doing and put more time into it. The 20 minute urban sketches were essential to grasping the real feel I wanted for my paintings. At home, I was able to push myself and think more about what I was doing and really continue to grow.

So I introduce to you my two paintings, AMC and The Hard Rock Cafe that started my journey and discovery and now obsession.

Hard Rock Cafe

May the Fourth be with You and wedding bells

I GOT MARRIED ON MAY THE FOURTH ! My husband knows this Star Wars fan so well. One of the best days ever. I had so much fun. So sorry to everyone for being M.I.A for the past few days. But we got married and then left civilisation for a while and it was the best. I married my best friend and I couldn’t be happier.

Say hello to Mrs.Li and Mr.Li 🙂

Now back to art 😉 hahahaha

Wedding Day

Making of Distillery District Youtube Video

Put together a youtube video of all the footage I took of making my Distillery District painting. It’s not too long but I like it. Next time I will try to have more footage that’s timelapse. I think that’s my favourite way to film it. And a couple close up shots.

Oil painting of my niece 

I just wanted to do an oil painting in between working on my watercolor paintings. It’s small, 5″x7″ . It was fun and I love painting her. She is so cute and I love her so much ! 

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