” My art is an expressive interpretation of urban architecture. It uses the contrast of bold, vibrant colored focal points against black and white backgrounds. “


Hello my name is Tyleen. I was born in Vancouver and have lived all over the country.  I now live happily in Toronto. Traditional artwork is my passion. I have been drawing and painting from the moment I discovered that crayons can make marks on paper, and unfortunately, walls. I have continued to create through out life and with the help of classes, life experiences, determination and imagination combined with the need to constantly have my hands messy, my skills and passion continue to grow, forever evolving.  I continue to try and learn as much as I can with everything to do with art. Majority of the time I use watercolour but I love using other mediums which also influence how I use my watercolours.


I have seen everything Canada has to offer from the farthest west coast to the farthest east coast. Canada is a collage of everything that is beautiful in the world and more. It grabs a little bit of influence from all the corners of the world. I love being able to re-create what I have seen and share it with other people so they can experience what I have.

Other Interests

I enjoy playing softball and beach volleyball. I love to workout through out the week and go biking (when it’s warm enough). Life drawing is always enjoyable and I always make room for cooking something new. And I am kinda obsessed with animated movies. It’s a toss up between How to train your dragon, Emperors New Groove and Spirited Away.

Artist Resume 

Love Toronto and Friends Pop-Up Winter Fair – December 3rd , 2017

Love Toronto and Friends Pop-Up – October 15th – November 30th , 2017

The Arts Market – Temporary Physical Location ,  2017

Kensington Arts Market – July and August , 2017

Versus – Hosted by RAW . June 22nd , 2017