The South Market watercolor painting

The South Market

Just finished my South Market watercolor painting. The South Market is also commonly known as the St Lawrence Market.

This painting was a major difference for me. For the first time I went in and did 80% with a ruler. In the past I didn’t use a ruler at all. I also painted more strategically. It gives the image a more exact look to everything, but still not a too perfect image. I really like the way it looks. It was enjoyable to do. It also doubled the amount of time it took to draw than it normally would. That was a little nerving for me because I panicked a little thinking I was too slow but I had to remember it’s because going in with a ruler, I needed to spend more time being precise with my drawing. I still found it enjoyable though. I will be implementing this with all of my future drawings I think.

I also went in and added a lot more detail with my .005 Sakura Pigma Micron pen. I usually draw most of this with the size 02 pen but this had a lot of the .005 in it. It allowed me to go a lot more with the detail than I did in the past.

I loved this and really enjoyed making this. It was great because I already had a St Lawrence Market painting but someone commissioned me to make them one. So I took new reference photos and I was amazed by how much the market has changed in such a short period of time. (4 years).

Enjoy these detail shots ! Also, prints and postcards will now be available of this South Market watercolor painting.

Detail 01Detail 02Detail 03

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