St Lawrence Market Line Work Drawing

I just finished the lines for my St Lawrence Market line drawing commission. Wow. I think I really outdid myself with the details on this one. With each new piece I keep trying to push myself and grow. I want my art to reflect that. I have to admit, it took me a lot longer to draw this out than it normally does with the other ones though. I used a ruler this time for 80% of the lines and I added so much more fine detail. Really put my 005 pen to work hahaha.

I couldn’t believe how much the St Lawrence Market has changed. The building itself still looks the same but everything outside has really changed. If you look through my work or prints you can see that I have a St Lawrence Market painting already. But someone commissioned me to make an original for them. Even if I make another painting ofΒ  a building I have already done, it will never be exactly the same. So I found it very interesting to see just how different it looks in 2017 compared to just 3 years ago in 2014.

Looking forward to getting this painted. There will be prints of this made as well.

Enjoy these previews and detail shots.


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