Love Toronto and Friends – Pop-Up Toronto

Wow so much fun. Me and 4 other local artists did a pop up on October 15th, 2017. It was so much fun. And really enjoyable.

It was myself and Ave , Love Toronto , Studio 324 and N/A Stock .

It was very enjoyable and was really great to meet people. Like I always say, my favorite part of doing a show or now, taking part in a pop-up, is meeting people in person. I love talking to everyone and it’s always cool getting to know them. And it’s always so flattering to meet people that follow me on Instagram or Facebook. So humbling to meet you in person. And then meeting all new people entirely that have never heard of me before. I really love people. And I love that my art can bring as much joy to people as it does to myself.

Collage Photo

This was so enjoyable that all of us have decided to do another pop-up just in time for the winter holiday season. We are planning on December 3rd. Keep in touch to keep updated on location and time and products. This will be great for anyone who wants to get something but is afraid of shipping time.

Also if you want something in time for the christmas season, better order sooner than later !

You can buy prints and originals here !

You can buy merch here !

Talk to you all again !

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