New Shop Apparel

So exciting !
I am offering apparel in my shop. My paintings will be on phone cases, laptop cases, mugs, pillows, scarves, stickers, notebooks, totes and more.

I kinda want to order everything hahaha. It’s something to do with seeing your artwork on products. I was a little hesitant about seeing my art work on items because I wasn’t sure how it was going to translate. But I am really fond of the way it looks. Specially the totes, phone case and notebooks. Mostly because that is what I want for myself hahaha.

I looked around on a lot of sites but I settled on website. It was recommended by a friend and I liked the prices and the different apparel that I could use. The shipping costs isn’t crazy and it gets to you in a decent time.

I have split the stores though. If you want to buy my original paintings or prints, it will be through Square and I will handle that myself because I get my prints printed myself and I ship them and my originals myself. Redbubble will handle all of my apparel so I wont have to carry the inventory myself.

I will be selling a few items in my local locations such as The Arts Market in Toronto and at pop-ups and shows that I attend.

Looking forward to working with this website. Check out my shop below by clicking on the button !

Button Shop for Apparel Here

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