House Commission Watercolour Painting

I just finished making a watercolour painting of a house. I really enjoyed being able to do a different piece of architecture. While painting it, it really made me think about when I was growing up and one of the houses I lived in. It was really nice making this.  I had my work cut out for me with this one. I was given a reference photo for the angle of the painting but it had a lot of the house hidden by very large trees in the foreground. Also, this was being commissioned from someone who lives on the other side of Canada. So I was unable to go on-site and take photos. But luckily with some extra reference photos and google maps, I was able to fill in the missing areas with accurate information to how the house should look. I really enjoyed bring the vibrant pop of colour to the house. This was a lot of fun and had me day dreaming about large front yards hahaha. Anyone living in Toronto or a city similar will feel my pain. Hahahaha, enjoy !

Main Painting 1500


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