Thursday Night Life Drawing – Watercolour Painting

Hello everyone ! I went to Thursday Night Life Drawing last night. It’s located in downtown Toronto at Queen and McCaul street. It was really good. I managed to grab a spot on the left side of the model. He has some really good poses. I love the bend and twist in torso’s.

I made some charcoal drawings for the short poses (1 min, 2 min and 5 min poses). For the longer poses I used my watercolours and really enjoyed it. It was my first time using watercolours to do life drawing and it was very enjoyable.

I do reccomend though that if you are going to do the same, bring portable everything that is very easy to set up, clean and then put away. I have a portable set of everything that I bring with me while I urban paint / sketch. Also keep in mind, that I sat out from painting the final 25 min pose because I needed to give my last watercolour enough time to dry. So for last pose, you can either go back to drawing or just wait around.

This painting is a 20 min pose. I have progress shots as well as a final image.

Watercolour Life DrawingWork In Progress


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