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Artist Appreciation

I find that art can be many mediums. It is oils, acrylics, watercolors, pencils, spray paint, paper, ink, sculpture, photography, makeup, hair, performance, dance, song and let’s not forget one of my favorites, food. (And so much more) To create something with food that really captures someone is something that takes skill. Visual artwork can make someone pause to look at it, trapped by what it makes them feel and what they see. Food can do the same thing. It can shock and surprise you. Can make you feel different emotions.

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I know a food artist that I greatly admire. Her name is Jane Tran and this month I would like to recognize her. She isn’t just insanely talented with her ability to make some of the best food I have ever eaten, but who she is and what she does for her art is inspiring. She is dedicated to what she does. She is constantly motivated in her field, always growing and creating. She is never stopping. Always, she is doing something new, popping up in kitchens all over Toronto. She has only lived here for less than a year and yet within that short amount of time she is on fire in the food scene and people can’t get enough of her cooking.

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She really inspires me to keep moving forward, to keep going. Even if something doesn’t work out, let it go and move on. Keep doing more things and trying to get out there. Put your best into what you are doing and people will see it, people will recognize it. Your hard work will pay off if you want it, and work for it, and put your all into it. I often refer to her as my role model to other people. I have seen this woman accomplish things she puts her mind to and seeing her do what she loves shows me that I too can do what I love and be successful.

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