New website address and taking traditional painting commissions !

New Website NameCommissions available

Hello Everyone !

First I updated my website address so no more wordpress in the name. Just straight . But if you still have wordpress in the name it will re-direct you to .

Second of all, I am open for taking traditional watercolor painting commissions in my style. If you would like me to make a painting for you, please send me an email at and I would be happy to get things started with you.

Good things to have ready if you want a commission :

What building(s) would you like in your piece ?

Do you have reference photos of said building(s) ? If it’s located in Toronto I will be able to go to location and take photos myself.

How big are you looking at this being ? I can do any size up to 36″ high by 48″ long.

What is your time line? Do you need it as soon as possible or in a few months ?

Keep in mind, I don’t just do condos or iconic buildings. I have painted peoples houses, stores they have owned, beach houses, structures that people are fond of, favorite parks, harbors, airports, and many more. No matter the building type, send me a message anyways and we can discuss it !

Contact email :

Instagram : @TyleensArt



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