My very first Thousand Point Perspective paintings


In traditional throw back Thursday fashion, I was thinking about my past in the art world. I have these two little paintings to thank for my beginnings of ย my Thousand Point Perspective style discovery.

I remember how I was looking online and I was just in love with urban sketching. Going on site and just breaking out all of your art supplies and painting or drawing. Artist after artist explained how much you learn from drawing not from a photograph. I already had a taste of this with life drawing but not with architecture. So I packed up some watercolour supplies and headed out to Yonge and Dundas square in downtown Toronto in 2012. I took everything out and just started drawing and painting. It was great. Committing to the lines in ink with no erasing, I felt more free. I wasn’t worried about making everything perfect like I would if I was at home in the safety of being indoors. It felt good to just put what I saw on paper. It wasn’t about being exact but more about what I was seeing. If you looked at these paintings and you know Yonge and Dundas square, you would recognize this area. It was a beautiful way to express what I saw. Needless to say I was in love with it.

The name Thousand Point Perspective actually came from me looking at my paintings after finishing them. I loved the way they looked but I couldn’t help but laugh in amusement that there is about 1,000 different lines of perspective in each painting. I still keep things more free and less restrictive in my paintings to this day, I believe it adds to the charm of the concept. It’s not always about being exact. I draw happily and focus on drawing free.

Urban sketching opened up a whole new world for me. I continued to make more pieces and I started to really flesh things out. I wanted to refine what I was doing and put more time into it. The 20 minute urban sketches were essential to grasping the real feel I wanted for my paintings. At home, I was able to push myself and think more about what I was doing and really continue to grow.

So I introduce to you my two paintings, AMC and The Hard Rock Cafe that started my journey and discovery and now obsession.

Hard Rock Cafe

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