Vacation Started – Seoul Korea

And our honeymoon begins 😁 . After a 14 hour flight we are in Seoul, Korea.

We have jet lag (obviously) so we wandered the streets for a while at 3am. It’s nice cause there isn’t the day traffic so it was easy to wander. Also there must be 100 restaurants open. Everything is so lit up and pretty. And my favourite thing, photo booths every 10 feet !! Needless to say I’m gonna take a lot of photo booth photos hahaha.

Will stay in ν™λŒ€ till Friday and then off to μ €μ£Ό island !!

The South Market watercolor painting

The South Market

Just finished my South Market watercolor painting. The South Market is also commonly known as the St Lawrence Market.

This painting was a major difference for me. For the first time I went in and did 80% with a ruler. In the past I didn’t use a ruler at all. I also painted more strategically. It gives the image a more exact look to everything, but still not a too perfect image. I really like the way it looks. It was enjoyable to do. It also doubled the amount of time it took to draw than it normally would. That was a little nerving for me because I panicked a little thinking I was too slow but I had to remember it’s because going in with a ruler, I needed to spend more time being precise with my drawing. I still found it enjoyable though. I will be implementing this with all of my future drawings I think.

I also went in and added a lot more detail with my .005 Sakura Pigma Micron pen. I usually draw most of this with the size 02 pen but this had a lot of the .005 in it. It allowed me to go a lot more with the detail than I did in the past.

I loved this and really enjoyed making this. It was great because I already had a St Lawrence Market painting but someone commissioned me to make them one. So I took new reference photos and I was amazed by how much the market has changed in such a short period of time. (4 years).

Enjoy these detail shots ! Also, prints and postcards will now be available of this South Market watercolor painting.

Detail 01Detail 02Detail 03

Vacation Time – Shipping Changes for November Only

Honeymoon Vacation πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»

While I am away, prints will still be available on my website, but if you order any original art or postcards, I will not be able to ship till the 1st of December. So for the month of November, you can only buy prints and have it shipped on time. Everything else you can buy, but will not be shipped till December 1st.

This does not effect any of my items like mugs and bags and other things on redbubble. You can buy all of that and shipping will stay the same.
I am so excited ! I can’t wait. We are going to Asia. Yaaaaaaaay


St Lawrence Market Line Work Drawing

I just finished the lines for my St Lawrence Market line drawing commission. Wow. I think I really outdid myself with the details on this one. With each new piece I keep trying to push myself and grow. I want my art to reflect that. I have to admit, it took me a lot longer to draw this out than it normally does with the other ones though. I used a ruler this time for 80% of the lines and I added so much more fine detail. Really put my 005 pen to work hahaha.

I couldn’t believe how much the St Lawrence Market has changed. The building itself still looks the same but everything outside has really changed. If you look through my work or prints you can see that I have a St Lawrence Market painting already. But someone commissioned me to make an original for them. Even if I make another painting ofΒ  a building I have already done, it will never be exactly the same. So I found it very interesting to see just how different it looks in 2017 compared to just 3 years ago in 2014.

Looking forward to getting this painted. There will be prints of this made as well.

Enjoy these previews and detail shots.


Love Toronto and Friends – Pop-Up Toronto

Wow so much fun. Me and 4 other local artists did a pop up on October 15th, 2017. It was so much fun. And really enjoyable.

It was myself and Ave , Love Toronto , Studio 324 and N/A Stock .

It was very enjoyable and was really great to meet people. Like I always say, my favorite part of doing a show or now, taking part in a pop-up, is meeting people in person. I love talking to everyone and it’s always cool getting to know them. And it’s always so flattering to meet people that follow me on Instagram or Facebook. So humbling to meet you in person. And then meeting all new people entirely that have never heard of me before. I really love people. And I love that my art can bring as much joy to people as it does to myself.

Collage Photo

This was so enjoyable that all of us have decided to do another pop-up just in time for the winter holiday season. We are planning on December 3rd. Keep in touch to keep updated on location and time and products. This will be great for anyone who wants to get something but is afraid of shipping time.

Also if you want something in time for the christmas season, better order sooner than later !

You can buy prints and originals here !

You can buy merch here !

Talk to you all again !

Prints for all!

Just so you know, all of my paintings can be made into prints and purchased through my online store :

They are Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic, Free run, 0% Transfat, Lactose Free, Non-Radioactive, Peanut Free, Egg Free, Fair Trade, Will not cause cancer in the state of California and they pair well with essential oils.

Get them just in time for Christmas !

πŸ˜‰ β™₯

*No animals were harmed in the making of these prints.

Quotes from satisfied customers :

“Tyleen, do you want anything from the grocery store?” – Justin Dudka

“Butters was so cute when he was small.” – Nicky Doiron

“Can you please do the dishes ?! ” – Michael Hli

TyleensArt what’s your opinion on gun control and gender equality?

“I believe everyone is and should have rights.”

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New Shop Apparel

So exciting !
I am offering apparel in my shop. My paintings will be on phone cases, laptop cases, mugs, pillows, scarves, stickers, notebooks, totes and more.

I kinda want to order everything hahaha. It’s something to do with seeing your artwork on products. I was a little hesitant about seeing my art work on items because I wasn’t sure how it was going to translate. But I am really fond of the way it looks. Specially the totes, phone case and notebooks. Mostly because that is what I want for myself hahaha.

I looked around on a lot of sites but I settled on website. It was recommended by a friend and I liked the prices and the different apparel that I could use. The shipping costs isn’t crazy and it gets to you in a decent time.

I have split the stores though. If you want to buy my original paintings or prints, it will be through Square and I will handle that myself because I get my prints printed myself and I ship them and my originals myself. Redbubble will handle all of my apparel so I wont have to carry the inventory myself.

I will be selling a few items in my local locations such as The Arts Market in Toronto and at pop-ups and shows that I attend.

Looking forward to working with this website. Check out my shop below by clicking on the button !

Button Shop for Apparel Here

New Shop

I know have a shop open ! To anyone that is interested in purchasing anything of mine online, you can now visit my shop.

I look forward to adding more original items and prints to my website and store. There is a few new things I will be making in the near future so please keep an eye open.

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