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Just so you know, all of my paintings can be made into prints and purchased through my online store :

They are Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic, Free run, 0% Transfat, Lactose Free, Non-Radioactive, Peanut Free, Egg Free, Fair Trade, Will not cause cancer in the state of California and they pair well with essential oils.

Get them just in time for Christmas !

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*No animals were harmed in the making of these prints.

Quotes from satisfied customers :

“Tyleen, do you want anything from the grocery store?” – Justin Dudka

“Butters was so cute when he was small.” – Nicky Doiron

“Can you please do the dishes ?! ” – Michael Hli

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“I believe everyone is and should have rights.”

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New Shop Apparel

So exciting !
I am offering apparel in my shop. My paintings will be on phone cases, laptop cases, mugs, pillows, scarves, stickers, notebooks, totes and more.

I kinda want to order everything hahaha. It’s something to do with seeing your artwork on products. I was a little hesitant about seeing my art work on items because I wasn’t sure how it was going to translate. But I am really fond of the way it looks. Specially the totes, phone case and notebooks. Mostly because that is what I want for myself hahaha.

I looked around on a lot of sites but I settled on website. It was recommended by a friend and I liked the prices and the different apparel that I could use. The shipping costs isn’t crazy and it gets to you in a decent time.

I have split the stores though. If you want to buy my original paintings or prints, it will be through Square and I will handle that myself because I get my prints printed myself and I ship them and my originals myself. Redbubble will handle all of my apparel so I wont have to carry the inventory myself.

I will be selling a few items in my local locations such as The Arts Market in Toronto and at pop-ups and shows that I attend.

Looking forward to working with this website. Check out my shop below by clicking on the button !

Button Shop for Apparel Here

New Shop

I know have a shop open ! To anyone that is interested in purchasing anything of mine online, you can now visit my shop.

I look forward to adding more original items and prints to my website and store. There is a few new things I will be making in the near future so please keep an eye open.

House Commission Watercolour Painting

I just finished making a watercolour painting of a house. I really enjoyed being able to do a different piece of architecture. While painting it, it really made me think about when I was growing up and one of the houses I lived in. It was really nice making this. ย I had my work cut out for me with this one. I was given a reference photo for the angle of the painting but it had a lot of the house hidden by very large trees in the foreground. Also, this was being commissioned from someone who lives on the other side of Canada. So I was unable to go on-site and take photos. But luckily with some extra reference photos and google maps, I was able to fill in the missing areas with accurate information to how the house should look. I really enjoyed bring the vibrant pop of colour to the house. This was a lot of fun and had me day dreaming about large front yards hahaha. Anyone living in Toronto or a city similar will feel my pain. Hahahaha, enjoy !

Main Painting 1500


August monthly news letter

Top Border

Hello everyone,

July was so much fun. Never fails, with warm weather comes more activities. I think Canadians really try to make the best of what little summer we have hahaha.

This monthโ€™s life drawing will be on Thursday August 24th. I had such a great time last Life Drawing drop in. I used watercolours instead of charcoal and it was a really great experience. I did a live taping of it. This time I will bring something to put my phone on so I donโ€™t have to hold it while painting. So if you canโ€™t make it, I will do my live taping on Instagram and Facebook. There is more than one pose so I can switch between both platforms.

Work In Progress

If you want to join, it is at Queen Street West and McCaul Street. You can get off at Osgoode subway station and walk there within 5 minutes. The entrance is from the lane way (Renfrew PL) behind the store fronts, close to McCaul end. There is a sign board placed on the sidewalk at the door. It is $15 to draw for as long as you want (7-10). They usually get pretty occupied so I suggest getting there at 7. If you come later youโ€™ll probably be sitting in the back.

Google Street View of Entrance

It is organized by โ€œThursday Night Drawing at Project Art โ€œon Facebook. ย You can visit them to get more information.

Life Drawing

This month I will be attending the Kensington Arts Market on Sunday, August 27th. It is from 12-7pm. I had a fun time in July so I am looking forward to doing it a second time. I will be selling originals, prints and postcards. Price ranges will be high to low so affordable for everyone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was contacted by Luke from to take part in their fundraiser. I am really looking forward to this. Their charity is about making cities accessible for everyone and taking down barriers. My part in this is making artwork to donate to their cause that they can auction off and use the funds towards making Toronto and other cities more accessible for everyone. I am very excited to take part in this and am really looking forward to making them a painting. This event will take place on November ย 2nd.

Stop Gap Foundation

Also I will be gone from August 9th to the 16th. I am going on vacation to British Columbia so if anyone needs to contact me I will be M.I.A for about a week. I am hopefully going to be able to make 1 or 2 urban sketches while I am away.

Last but not least, send me a picture of something you are working on. I would love to see your works in progress or sketches or anything you want to show me. Just send it to my email, Instagram or on Facebook.

Have a great August everyone!

July Kensington Arts Market Toronto

Had a great time at the Kensington Arts market this past Sunday. Really enjoyed meeting so many people. Definitely starting to understand that one of my favourite things about doing events is meeting new people. I love the different types of people I get to meet and connect with. It’s so much fun and everyone is so different and unique in their own way. It’s really awesome. And so many kind people. It was really wonderful. I had a lot of original work at my booth this Sunday. I will be attending next months Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington so I will be there on Sunday, August 27th from 11-7pm.

Here is a photo of me at my booth and two pieces of artwork that I made at the Arts Market that are currently for sale.

If you are interested in either one, please send me an email or check my Etsy page.

At the Kensigton Arts Market
Myself at the Arts Market in Kensington
Small Honest Eds
Honest Eds – $40.00 CAN – 9″ x 12″ with matting
Small Toronto Sign
Toronto Sign – $25.00 – 8″ x 10″


Thursday Night Life Drawing – Watercolour Painting

Hello everyone ! I went to Thursday Night Life Drawing last night. It’s located in downtown Toronto at Queen and McCaul street. It was really good. I managed to grab a spot on the left side of the model. He has some really good poses. I love the bend and twist in torso’s.

I made some charcoal drawings for the short poses (1 min, 2 min and 5 min poses). For the longer poses I used my watercolours and really enjoyed it. It was my first time using watercolours to do life drawing and it was very enjoyable.

I do reccomend though that if you are going to do the same, bring portable everything that is very easy to set up, clean and then put away. I have a portable set of everything that I bring with me while I urban paint / sketch. Also keep in mind, that I sat out from painting the final 25 min pose because I needed to give my last watercolour enough time to dry. So for last pose, you can either go back to drawing or just wait around.

This painting is a 20 min pose. I have progress shots as well as a final image.

Watercolour Life DrawingWork In Progress


Artist Appreciation – Chau Toronto

Artist Appreciation

I find that art can be many mediums. It is oils, acrylics, watercolors, pencils, spray paint, paper, ink, sculpture, photography, makeup, hair, performance, dance, song and letโ€™s not forget one of my favorites, food. (And so much more) To create something with food that really captures someone is something that takes skill. Visual artwork can make someone pause to look at it, trapped by what it makes them feel and what they see. Food can do the same thing. It can shock and surprise you. Can make you feel different emotions.

Chau Posts 01

I know a food artist that I greatly admire. Her name is Jane Tran and this month I would like to recognize her. She isnโ€™t just insanely talented with her ability to make some of the best food I have ever eaten, but who she is and what she does for her art is inspiring. She is dedicated to what she does. She is constantly motivated in her field, always growing and creating. She is never stopping. Always, she is doing something new, popping up in kitchens all over Toronto. She has only lived here for less than a year and yet within that short amount of time she is on fire in the food scene and people canโ€™t get enough of her cooking.

Chau Posts 02

She really inspires me to keep moving forward, to keep going. Even if something doesnโ€™t work out, let it go and move on. Keep doing more things and trying to get out there. Put your best into what you are doing and people will see it, people will recognize it. Your hard work will pay off if you want it, and work for it, and put your all into it. I often refer to her as my role model to other people. I have seen this woman accomplish things she puts her mind to and seeing her do what she loves shows me that I too can do what I love and be successful.

Jane Tran on Facebook:

Jane Tran on Instagram:


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